Canadian Commercial Corporation

A Crown corporation of the Government of Canada, the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) acts as Canada’s international contracting and procurement agency. CCC reports to Parliament through the Minister of International Trade under Schedule III Part I of the Financial Administration Act.

The Corporation was established in 1946 to assist in the postwar reconstruction of Europe, with a mandate “to assist in the development of trade between Canada and other nations and to assist persons in Canada to obtain goods or commodities from outside Canada, and to dispose of goods and commodities that are available for export from Canada.ʺ

Our role in Canada’s international portfolio:

CCC connects government buyers with Canadian expertise through the negotiation and execution of government-to-government contracts. Our strong relationships with international buyers and our access to Canada’s innovative industrial base puts us in a unique position to facilitate and promote international trade.

The Corporation focuses on areas where there is a clear role for government, operating in sectors outside of World Trade Organization agreements, such as aerospace and defence. We also focus on emerging and developing markets, where governments of other countries may require additional capacity to undertake complex and timely procurements and projects.

CCC can operate either as Prime Contractor selling to governments, or as a Procurement Agent sourcing Canadian goods and services on behalf of governments in other countries. The Corporation also procures equipment, supplies and expertise to help the Government of Canada fulfill its in-kind aid contributions worldwide.

Reference Clients: CCC has contracted over $16B in a total of more than 50 countries in the past two years.

Contact:Yvonne Chin, Regional Director, Asia:

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