Essential Skills Group

With over 95% marketshare, ESG is Canada’s leader in online essential skills assessments.  Our web applications are used by more than 700 organizations across Canada including governments, sectors councils, colleges, employers and First Nations.
Our customized web applications feature:

  • Occupation-specific assessments that measure the work and training readiness of people for 285 occupations.
  • A learning system that helps people address their skill gaps, at no cost to them or the employer/trainer.
  • Real time data needed by organizations to make informed hiring and training decisions.

Quick Facts:
2 - Assessment languages.  Others can be added.
13 - The number of skills we assess
3,400 - The number of questions in our test bank
340,000 - The number of assessments written
5,500,000 - The number of questions answered by test takers.

Contact: Michael Herzog, Partner:

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