Space Engine Systems

Space Engine’s ultimate goal is to power a reusable single stage to orbit (SSTO) cruise vehicle that is capable of flight up to hypersonic speeds for use in Lunar Exploration missions. To achieve these targets, we are developing a light reusable, multi-fuel propulsion system for use up to Mach 5 ( DASS GN1)-Aerospace and Mach 25 (DASS GNX) for Space applications.

Space Engine will make flying in the earth’s atmosphere from any place on the earth to any another destination on earth to less than 4 ½ hours using the DASS GN1 engine and its variations.

The DASS GNX which is meant for space will take off from a tarmac just like a plane to the Lunar or any location in space, including to the ISS at a fraction of the cost. Our focus is the Lunar orbit and Lunar exploration.  It has around 3500 seconds of specific impulse which exceeds any rocket by around 13 times as it uses air breathing engine within the earth’s atmosphere.  Rocket engines are highly inefficient within the atmosphere where most of the fuel is burned giving it the worst fuel penalty.

Space Engine will complete its testing by early 2018 and will be seeking joint venture partners to market its various engines for space and for aerospace supersonic flights.

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