Sparrow Electronics

Sparrow Electronics Inc is providing sourcing services for the companies around the globe. Below are some of products we are supplying on regular basis for aviation, aerospace, marine and defense industries : connectors, contacts, tools, cable, wire, cable ties, lacing tapes, twines and cords, braiding yarns, sleeves, shrinkable tubing, switches, sensors, relays, integrated circuits, lamps, aircraft parts and components, hardware (o-rings, bolts, nuts, spirals, plungers, bushing, bearings, plugs, screws, clamps, triggers, pins, hook-up wire, buttons, seals, springs, clips, rings), chemicals (adhesives, catalysts, lubricants, fluids, greases, oils, pastes, release agents, penetrants, glues, primers, activators, coatings, paints), other spare parts and products.

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